The surroundings of the farm

Okandukaseibe lies on the border of the Khomas Highlands and has approximately 7,500 hectare.  The area of the hunting concession is another 30,000 hectare. The farm lies around 1,000 meters above sea level and the highest point on the farm is 1,600 meters above sea level.

The farm offers a multi facet landscape. It has large areas of   tree covered savannas and mountain views .that take your breathe away.

The landscape is extremely varied. There are fantastic river beds, which are periodically filled with water and rich vegetation on the river banks. (Tamarisk, Ana trees, and a type of bamboo).  There is water the whole year through in the wild Hureb Canyon where fish and water animals are in abundance.  The mountain area- partly difficult to reach- is the home of leopards and other  rare animals such as Mountain Zebras, and  Klipp Springer.

Another attraction for wild animals and guests alike are the many and varied natural  hot springs. On the Swakop. The largest hot spring is supposed to be responsible for the name of the farm. Okandukaseibe  is Herero and means  ?Water out of the sand?.

Impressive mountains make up the borders to the neighbouring farms.

Surroundings of the farm

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