German Embassy

POB 231 Windhoek, Namibia
Sanlam Centre, 6th Floor
154 Independence Avenue

Tel: 00264 - 61 - 273100

Embassy of the Republic of Namibia

Wichmannstr. 5
10787 Berlin

Tel.: 030 / 254 09 510
Fax: 030 / 254 09 555

Namibian tourist Office

Namibia Tourism
Schillerstr. 42-44
D - 60313 Frankfurt am Main

Tel.: +49 69-13 37 36-0
Fax: +49 69-13 37 36-15

Directorate for Tourism

Windhoek - Independence Av.

Tel.: [+264] (61) / 23 69 75
Fax: [+264] (61) / 22 49 00

Hospitality Association of Namibia (H.A.N.)

PO Box 86078
Windhoek / Namibia

Tel./Fax: +264 - 61 - 22 29 04

Professional Hunting Association (NAPHA)

PO Box 11291
Windhoek / Namibia
Sam Nujoma Drive 318

Tel.: + 264-61-23 44 55
Fax: + 264-61-22 25 67


English, German, Africaans, tribal language


Dry Mediterranean climate with two rainy seasons- a little one in November which often does not take place and a larger one from January til March.

Average daily temperature for Windhoek, Namibia in degrees Centigrade:

Mai / June / July
(Namibian winter)

September - April
(Namibian summer)


5° - 10°

15° - 25°


20° - 30°

29° - 38°


Anreise OKANDUKA. Bitte hier klicken um eine vergrerte Darstellung zui ffnen.
  • Transfer by car or
  • by air from Windhoek,  80 km to the farm`s  own 1,000 m  airstrip (elevation 3281 feet, coordinates

    22° 22´6.57“S 16° 19´52.08“E. R.W.: Heading 12/30, Runway L.C. = 17, Hard Surface). ?price on inquiry

Suggested vaccinations

Generally the same as in Germany.

Vaccinations for Tetanus, Diphtheria, Polio and Hepatitis A  are strongly suggested; for people who are staying longer than three months Hepatitis B. Vaccinations against Rabies and Typhoid Fever can be important also. Please consult a doctor or your travel agent before your trip.

The risk of Malaria exists the whole year long in the northern territories of the Caprivi especially on the Sambes river and along the Kunene and Kavango rivers. During the rainy season there is some risk of Malaria in the Etosha National Park and in Kaokoland, Ovambo- and Bushmenland.

Medical Care

Namibia has a very good medical infrastructure. In all larger towns there are hospitals and drug stores. If you are dependant on a certain medicine we suggest bringing the right quantity with you.


We suggest that you take out extensive travel insurance. We can not be held responsible for any problems which may arise.

Equipment and other important information

  • high Sun Protection(!) sun screen
  • sun hat
  • binoculars
  • knee high, light but sturdy boots
  • sturdy long and short shirts and pants

Remember that it can be very cold after sunset in the winter months-beginning of June til end of September.

HIV/Aids is a problem in Namibia for everyone who risks infection through sexual contact, dirty shots and blood transfusions.

What you need to enter Namibis

A passport is a must when visiting Namibia. It is especially important to have the expiration date at least six months longer than your return travel dates. German tourists are allowed to visit Namibia without a visa as long as they do not stay longer than 90 days and do not work there.

In all other cases, a visa is necessary and can be applied for at the Namibian Embassy.

The validity of the visa is only as long as your stay and is coupled with the return date of your trip. If the visa must be lengthened for any reason, you should apply for an extension at the Ministry of Home affairs, Independence Avenue/ corner Casino Str., Windhuk.

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